Bwa Congress 2023 Rules – Serviced office spaces > 50 % shared or open office space.

The Belgian Workspace Association Awards are rewards awarded by the Belgian Workspace Association (BWA) to their members for outstanding achievements in the field of workspace development.

Procedure of application and voting

Competition category and eligibility requirements

The category ‘serviced office operators’, having more then 50 % of ‘private offices’

  • Best Corporate Workspace
  • Best Serviced Offering
  • Best Sustainable efforts

All Award Candidates will submit their application at the moment they sign up for the event itself.

The jury will base their allocation of points on the analysis of the Award Candidate’s website and/or by visiting the Award Candidate’s business center.

Members having several locations/ business centers in their portfolio may apply for only one location per category, each of them being different.

Only those applicants which are up-to-date with their membership fee of the BWA are eligible of taking part in the Awards competition.


Part I: The public

Before the event each member or tenant shall vote on the BWA Award page for one winner per category. The end of public votes is scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th at midnight.

Part II: The jury

All applications from candidates to an Award will be considered by the 2 jury members who will allocate their scores to the applicants. Their vote is confidential, and the vote of the President of the Jury will prevail in case no candidate achieves a majority In each of the following Awards;

The voting results from the public represent 50% of total points & the Jury represent 50% of total points and will be published at the Award Ceremony.
The results of each voting will be made public at the Award Ceremony.

The Jury is sovereign and will not have to account for their choice. The Jury member who has had a business relationship of any kind with an Award candidate will restrain from taking part in the voting.

Award ceremony

After Phase I and II, the Jury members will gather to establish the average of points (Public and Jury) for each candidate. Based on information collected, they will decide which applications are awarded with an Award.

In case of ex-æquo, each winner will receive an Award.


The Belgian Workspace Association Awards Jury is composed of 2 senior professionals representing the real estate and facility management disciplines:

The BWA Awards Jury is composed of 2 independent senior professionals representing the real estate and facility management disciplines. They are :

Paul Stasse – aCMG: Vice President of the BWA Award
Bert De Vos – UAMS – coördinator of the Master of Real Estate program at the AMS in Antwerp.

The Jury of the BWA Award

Serve in their personal capacity and do not represent neither their company nor the sector in which they are active
Their nominations and terms are approved by the BWA Board